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Zen Luna Moth in Mixed Media

Hello Friends!

A couple of days ago I created this Zen Luna Moth with pen, acrylics, and stencils. I used a picture of a Luna Moth to trace the outline, but added the rest myself. The Zentangle designs are just doodles I created myself, though. I got this idea from a book by Tamara Laporte called “Create Your Life Book.” She demonstrated how to do a Zen butterfly, but I decided to do a Luna Moth instead. All of the projects in the book are going to be put together in a small “Life Book.” 

I have never done one of her Life Book courses, but maybe someday I will. Her Life Book courses have been going for several years. It is a year long course, and at the end she binds her works together to make a Life Book. I hear it’s pretty fun. 

She is a really entertaining artist to watch. I love her giggles and her amazing creative mind!

Have a wonderful day! 🙂

Van Gogh Journal Pages 57 & 58



Hello Friends!

For these pages I wanted to do polka dots but in a random way. I also wanted to keep the color scheme the complementary colors of purple and yellow.

So firsr, I used a big stencil for the yellow pattern in the background. It isn’t as prominent now, though. Next I used a lighter to melt some yellow and purple dots onto the paper from a couple of crayons. The close-ups are of the wax dots. I also used a sponge to make the flatter purple shapes.

I mixed the purple and yellow acrylics to get the brownish rust color to paint over the hair, moustache and beard in the black and white photograph of Theo. I am not sure if Vincent ever painted a portrait of his brother, but I couldn’t find one in any of my books.

Next I painted over his jacket with the purple and made the outline of it with black acrylic ink.

I decided to be whimsy with the page on the left by incorporating some faces in the pattern of dots. And the largest one reminds me of a fake nose and glasses or Groucho Marx, ha ha!

Lastly, I painted purple lines around the outer edges of each page to frame them.

I only have four more pages to go now, and this journal will be complete!

Have a wonderful day! 😀

Van Gogh Journal Pages 55 & 56


Hello Friends! 

As with the last two pages of this journal with Van Gogh’s portrait of his mother, I chose not to do a whole lot with these pages either. I wanted to simplify them as well. So I just used acrylic inks with stencils to paint the left page and around the portrait. I wanted to keep it in monotone colors, however, I bought a new color of Liquitex acrylic ink that I was anxious to use. It is Bronze, and I love it! 

Vincent painted this portrait of his father, Theodorus van Gogh in 1881, seven years earlier than the portrait of his mother. The emotions Vincent depicts of his father come across to me as distant and repressed. They had vastly different views of Christ and the vocation of the clergy. Basically, they just didn’t get along because of their differences which I find sad. I wonder if perhaps Vincent had experienced acceptance by his father for who he was, that maybe he would have lived a longer life. Personally, I think if Vincent had been encouraged by his father in his pursuit of being an artist, maybe he wouldn’t have been filled with so much self-doubt and despair. But I admire the way he still had such a strong passion to do what he loved. His choice to stick to his own beliefs instead of living to try and please his father proved to be the best one he could have made. Otherwise, we may never have been blessed with the art of such a beautiful soul. 

Have a wonderful day! 😀

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