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Art Jobs That Sound Interesting To Me

Georgia O'Keeffe on Success

In “The Successful Artist’s Career Guide – Finding Your Way in the Business of Art, there are many lists of different types of art jobs to choose from.

Art jobs that sound interesting to me from these lists are:

1. Paint scenery for the theater
2. Teach art to children. I would also like to teach art to people with special needs.
3. Do art workshops with children, the elderly, or the chronically ill.
4. Write about art or art techniques.
5. Work in a gallery
6. Show in a gallery
7. Design posters, cards, stationery
8. Write an art technique book, and/or write and illustrate a book. (I am in the process of trying to come up with a picture book series for children about each type of sea turtle.)
9. Sell my art work at art fairs.
10. Be an apprentice to a well-known artisan (I wish I could work with Georgia O’Keeffe.)
11. Assist another artist (manage schedule, chauffeur, buy art supplies, stretch canvases, etc.)

Sketchbook – Recent sketches

I am going to say up front, this is why I usually draw or paint from photos! I don’t have much experience in just sketching what I see, but others have recently encouraged me to “just do it!” Thanks to:

Anne (,
Christine (,
and Anna ( who are three wonderful women artists who obviously love what they do and have encouraged me in my desire to be a better artist!

This is the first sketch I’ve done in over a year. It is one I did at Barnes and Noble. I know the lady looks like she has a snout, but she really did have a prominent pug nose; I just couldn’t draw it right! And that is no insult to her!”


This older gentleman was sitting at the table in front of me at the library. I sketched him for a long time, but I don’t think he ever noticed. He was bent over whatever work he was doing the whole time! He was thin and had gray hair. Here are several shots of my drawing.




Lastly, this is a young man I decided to sketch from behind at the library. I was two tables behind him. He was a difficult subject, because he kept moving! He was thin and wiry, but had prominent muscles in his arms that I’m afraid I didn’t capture well. But I enjoyed the challenge!!!


Choosing Watercolour Paper

I think this is very helpful to those of you who paint! Christine is a great tutor!