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Mermaid in Mixed Media


Hello Friends!

I finished this on Tuesday, but rested the next day. I couldn’t get a good picture of it until Wednesday either.

For this piece I painted a background with acrylics and added some washi tape in a few places. I had a hard time “finding a face” in this as Katrina Koltes suggested we do in this week from Paint Your Heart & Soul. But I showed it to a couple of friends who saw one, so that’s where I began.

I used a stencil with shapes sort of like leaves in the left hand bottom corner which I had wanted to be the pattern of her tail, but that didn’t come out the way I envisioned it. So I ended up making a different pattern. It also came out bigger! But that’s okay.

I put down small pieces of washi tape for her skin, then decided to paint over it with a mixture of yellow and phthalo green.

I wanted to use some magenta in it, so decided to do the foliage with that. In the right hand bottom corner is a different pattern of washi tape I painted over some. Then I stenciled the flowers in. I also added gold acrylic to her tail, hair, and the flowers.

The white drips at the top on the water is alcohol ink. I don’t have any white acrylic ink that would have turned out a little different. So I ordered some! Ha ha!

Anyway, this was fun! I really do love mixed media, even though it is more time consuming.

Have a wonderful day! 😀



Eyes in Pencil


Hello Friends!

This is for the second class this week in Paint Your Heart & Soul. Our instructor was Saskia van Drunen.

She showed us how to use Strathmore Toned Tan paper. The tan paper is for showing the midtones. We only used a mechanical pencil which I don’t normally draw with. To add the shading we used a blending stump which I never seem to think of when I am drawing either. But I will now! Lastly, we used a white charcoal pencil for the lightest areas. Unfortunately, my whitest areas look bluish in the photo, because it is a foggy day outside which affects the light.

The things I liked about this lesson were:

1) She showed us that eyes are all different shapes depending on the person’s expression.

2) She pointed out that eyelashes look more realistic when they are drawn in clumps, not all the way around the eye.

I enjoyed learning how to draw expressive eyes with Saskia. She explained things very well.

Have a wonderful day! 😀



Profile Portrait in Charcoal




Hello Friends! 

Yesterday I did one of the lessons for Paint Your Heart and Soul. Our instructor was Joan Martin. She showed us how to make liquid charcoal to paint the background of the paper. We rubbed charcoal sticks on sandpaper, put it in a jar and added water for the consistency. Then we painted the paper. I used a hair dryer to dry mine, because there was no sun out by the time I got to it yesterday afternoon.

To draw the portrait, we used willow charcoal and to get the areas of light, we used an eraser and lastly, to make the brightest highlights we used a white Gellyroll pen.

This was a fun one! I still need to do the other lesson of drawing eyes with different expressions.

Have a wonderful day! 😀


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