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Figure Drawing!!

I dont care what anyone says! This drawing of a woman I saw at Barnes and Noble last year is SCARY!!!! So…..

I ‘figure’ that learning how to do figure drawing will help me in drawing people in my picture books even though the ones I have in mind for now are for sea turtles.  

I finished my picture book class online and was searching the Craftsy website for more classes when I found a FREE one by Patricia Watwood called “Figure Drawing-An Essential Guide.  I did the first one this morning and am anxious to get going on the rest!  

I LOVE LEARNING!!  I have read many books on figure drawing, but watching someone actually do it helps me.  However, actually drawing someone from life is still very difficult for me.  I’m hoping Patricia will be able to help me SEE the person I am drawing a little clearer.  🙂

Now I’m going back to working on my picture book, Larry, the Leatherback Sea Turtle!  Make it a wonderful day everyone!  

Give someone you love a big hug!  🙂


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