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Horse Watercolor Finished!! It is called “Danny Boy!”

Here is my rendition of Danny. The reddish brown color was extremely challenging to mix, but I didn’t want it to turn out too dark. Also, I eliminated the trailer in the background to make it a nicer portrait.

Danny Boy Painting

Here’s the horse named Danny, who was my daughter’s favorite horse she learned to ride on a couple of summers ago. She also rode a horse name Bugsy sometimes. They look a lot alike, but we’re pretty sure this one is Danny. So, hence the name of the painting!


Horse Watercolor

Hello everyone! I have been so busy lately, my posts have been a little lagging! I have been getting things printed, have sold some prints and cards, and have been having a lot of fun!

Here is my newest project. This is from a photo I took a couple of summers ago. My daughter, Grace, took horseback riding lessons locally, and her teacher wanted pictures of her on the horse she loved the most. This is a close-up of just the horse, though.

So meet Danny Boy! (Well, his name is Danny, but I’m going to call the painting Danny Boy! 😉