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Bear and Elf Watercolor

Hello friends.  Well, the end of the week is upon us.  My daughter only has one more day at her charter school on Thursday and she will be done there.  Then she just has a few more English classes at another place.  She will get out on the 25th there.  

She likes bears and has played an elf a few times in some Dungeons and Dragons role-playing games this year with her dad, brother and a few friends.  So I put the two together and gave her blue hair!  🙂

I will be working on my picture book some more as far as laying it out and doing watercolors of it, but I’ve decided not to put the whole book online until I possibly self-publish it and make it available for sale.  However, I haven’t fully decided to go that route.  I may just finish it and begin submitting it to publishing companies and see what happens.  

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug (especially if you see a friendly bear or a blue-haired elf girl!)  😉Bear and Elf

3 Years on WordPress!


Art is Therapy

Wow, I cannot believe I have had this blog for three years!  I just learned this when they notified me of this achievement.   I did the above painting a couple of years ago, but it is my favorite abstract.  Then I added those words, because for me it is true!

I don’t really have anything planned for this post except to say “thank you” to all of the dear friends I’ve made here.  You are all wonderful bloggers yourselves.  I haven’t had as much time to blog this year, but I hope to post more this summer once  my daughter gets out of school.

I plan to put more of the picture book I’m working on here this week.  I still have to scan it into the computer, etc.  Time-consuming, but I want to share it.

I hope all of the mothers I know had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday.  My husband cooked me a nice dinner, gave me a few movies and a gift card for Barnes & Noble which is already spent!  🙂  I purchased a novel called Georgia by Dawn Tripp whom I have never ready anything by.  This may be her first novel; I’m not sure.  Anyway, the reviews of it were wonderful so I am looking forward to it!

I also purchased a book that has been on my goodreads list for a long time called “The Complete Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook…” by Gordon MacKenzie.  Sometimes I just want to hear about other people’s discoveries with painting in watercolors and get new perspective and ideas.  I actually haven’t been painting much lately, but want to get back to it very soon and do my picture book in watercolors.

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug!  🙂

Wow!!! Again…it is never too late…..

I realize I have posted thoughts like this before, but I hope to encourage some of you today.

My friend on WordPress and Facebook, Elena Caravela, shared an article that is a must read for anyone who has started learning to do any kind of art “late” in life.  Really, though, when is it ever “too late?”  Who determines when anyone is too old to learn anything? Unfortunately, I guess many people in our culture do which is sad.  I have had to learn to try not be one of those people!

All I know is I am 55, have written lots of stuff but never been published.  Why?  I haven’t taken the time or energy to go down that road yet.  However, I also do not want the thought of “I am not a ‘successful’ author because I haven’t had anything published” to be what drives me to write.  If getting published is what drives me, I may not do my very best. Besides, “success” to me is just doing what I love to do and enjoying it!

I’ve done lots of artwork but haven’t sold much.  In fact I have sold very little, but I also haven’t taken the time or energy or had spare money to get out every weekend and set up booths at art fairs.  I did that once, it was expensive, and I barely sold enough to cover my cost of the booth.  I realized it just wasn’t the right time for me to be doing that.  And that is OKAY!  Time with my family is valuable, and that always comes first.

I am currently working on my first picture books.  I plan to try and get them published at some point, but even if they never are, perhaps that will be a job for my kids when I am no longer in this world.  Ha, ha!  Kidding aside, I really do want to get them done so I can have them to read to kids (and maybe even grandkids someday) who may enjoy them.

My point is this:  It really is never too late to learn, to produce, to share.  However, not everything we attempt HAS to become an end product!  Also, not everything we do has to be seen or approved of by others.  If I like it, that needs to be enough for me.  The main thing is that we enjoy the process!  Everything we learn is through a process anyway.  No one learns to draw or paint or play an instrument instantly.

Find what you enjoy and stick with it!  If you try certain things and discover you don’t really want to put the time into them that it would require to get to a much higher level of skill, let it go or put it aside for later.  And if “later” never comes, so be it.  I don’t think it is the same thing as quitting something because of becoming discouraged.  Believe me!  I know how it feels to be discouraged!  I have had many meltdowns; just ask my husband!  😉

It is hard to be ‘me’ some days.  Let me explain.  First of all, I have A.D.D.  However, I never use this as an excuse.  It is just how my brain is wired.  I also struggle with depression ocassionally.  I am a person who is interested in many different things so it has been difficult through the years to pick and choose what I want to spend my spare time doing in between taking my daughter to town every day for her classes, working out at the gym, and keeping things at home running efficiently.  (In past years I taught myself to draw while I homeschooled the kids all the way through grammar school and part of their upper grades.)   I just thank God for charter schools!

So even though I have learned a little guitar and spent some time on the keyboard and done some singing in years past, those are NOT the things I enjoy as much as I do drawing, painting, and creating art and delving into pieces of writing.  I had to make a hard choice a couple of years ago, but I know it was the right choice.  (Creating this blog was even a start in the right direction.)  I don’t get hung up on how many follwers I have or worry about who reads my thoughts.  I just pray my words bless whoever does.

Anyway……this is the jist of it of this post:

Take time to evaluate what you desire to do most.  Think about this:  what things excite you?  If you are a person who has many interests, learn to pick and choose and do what drives you most.  And most of all, have FUN doing it!  

Here is the link to the article my friend, Elena, shared.  It is not very long even though this post was!  Enjoy!

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug!  🙂



Encouragement for Writing/Art

Hello everyone!

Since I have been working on a few different picture book ideas and have completed one first draft of text and art, also one new longer story but only a few pictures for it so far, I have been perusing publishing websites, and reading books about how to write picture books.  Here is something I found that you may find useful.  Below is the web address where this came from.

Writing Tips:

Many aspiring book authors find it difficult to dedicate time to writing. Here are five ideas on how you can maximize your writing time while trying to keep distractions at bay.

  1. Write offline.The Internet can both be a good source of information and distraction. An obvious solution is to disconnect your desktop or laptop from the Internet and write offline.
  2. Schedule your “distractions.”List down important tasks and errands, and make a schedule for these tasks. Then, when you’re done with them, just write. No more excuses that you can’t find enough writing time.
  3. Turn off your cell phone.How can you concentrate on your writing if you’re checking your phone every few minutes? Do yourself a huge favor, and turn off your phone for the duration of your writing time.
  4. Find your own writing place.When you’re in a comfortable writing place, you tend to leave distractions at the door. For some, a comfortable writing place is a quiet library; for others, it’s a busy coffee shop. The point is to find your own special writing place, get comfortable, and just start writing.
  5. Write early mornings or late nights.Early-morning writing provides some writing time before a busy day begins, while late-night writing gives peace of mind because a busy working day is done.

Try these tips and you might just finish your novel, autobiography, or collection of short stories or poems earlier than expected.


Happy writing and drawing to all of you writers and artists out there!   Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug!

Spooky Moonlight

Moonlight in the Fall

Hello everyone. Halloween is almost here!

Here is an acrylic painting I did a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t even have the holiday in mind when I painted it. I was mostly thinking of Fall and wanted to post it then, but never got around to it.

What I had in mind was what the road I drive every day looks like when it is brightly lit at night. The full moons here are always beautiful, but on the butte which is a road winding around an inactive volcano, it can be especially beautiful. There is a section where some trees are overhanging the road from both sides which is kind of scary if it is really windy or rainy. I am always afraid I’ll drive under them right when a tree branch decides to fall off! But it has been 14 years that we’ve been driving it now. So far, so good! (Plus, if I am on it at night, George is usually driving!) 😉 And of course I made the sides of the road look like there was something mysterious billowing up to get whoever is on the road!

I haven’t been drawing or painting much lately, but I plan to work on some things this weekend. Our kids are going to a friend’s house on Halloween, and our son gets to drive them, so George and I can stay home! Out where we live we have never had kids come to trick-or-treat unless a neighbor drops by with their younger kids before they head to town to go out. And for many years, we had no young children here except ours! So it is usually quiet. This year could be a little different, but we’ll see.

I like watching the movie “Halloween” (only the first one which is the best in my opinion) and maybe “Psycho.” I love the music in both these movies which is what gets to me the most! I actually find them both pretty comical so it’s like suspense and comedy all in one to me. But this year since it will just be the two of us, and we don’t have to drive the kids anywhere, maybe we’ll spend the evening talking without any interruptions! One can only hope.

Keep your little ones safe this Halloween, and watch out for all the things that go bump in the night! (Especially Michael…..and Norman….)

Have a great day, and give someone you love a big hug. 🙂

Imaginary Friends

Hello! I know it has been quite a while since I’ve been able to write anything, but I had just have to tell you about a book I finished last night! I had never heard of the author or this book, but I am so glad I read it. 🙂

It is called “Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend.” It is by Matthew Dicks. I found it a month or so ago when I was browsing on Goodreads which is where I find out about a lot of good books by the way.

Max is a little boy with special needs, who I think the author hints at his being autistic, who has an imaginary friend named Budo. Max’s parents are constantly fighting about whether Max is different from other kids or not. He goes to a regular school. His mom wants to take him to someone and have him checked out to see if he needs more help. She is concerned because he doesn’t like strangers, not many people at all really, he plays by himself all the time, gets made fun of at school and bullied (even though they don’t know about that right away.) His dad thinks he’s just a normal little boy and nothing is different about him at all. So this is why they fight all the time.

However, I can’t tell you much more because there are definitely too many things I could mention that would be potential spoilers. If you like adventure, fantasy, and/or drama, try it out! I read it in about a week which is fast for me! I couldn’t put it down. The ending is very tender. Sniff, sniff.

I hope everyone is having a great week. I know I am. I have been working on a novel I began a long time ago again, but not doing quite as much art.

I am done with physical therapy and getting to the gym four days a week now! So things are great.

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug!! 🙂

Clay Tortoise

Hello everyone. I haven’t drawn very many tortoises, but I sort of figured out how to make one! I have a little one sitting on my desk that I tried to copy.

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug! 🙂

Tortoise 3

Tortoise 2

Tortoise 1

Clay Elephant

Hello everyone! Here’s another little clay creation. I made this elephant for my daughter.

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug! 🙂

Elephant 3

Elephant 2

Elephant 1

Flying Fairy

Hello everyone. This little fairy is flying by to say hello. She’s ready to go walking when she lands! I plan to re-do her as well since there is some smudging around her. One of these days!

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug! 🙂

Flying Fairy

Clay Sea Turtle

Hello everyone! I recently purchased some green tinted soft clay! It is not the kind I would put in a kiln, though. I wanted clay I could use over if I need to instead of buying more. It has been a really fun thing to do! This is my first peice. Of course it had to be a SEA TURTLE!! It appears he swam into some flowers!

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug! 🙂

Sea Turtle Bird's Eye View

Sea Turtle Close-up

Sea Turtle close-up 2

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