I Am An Artist


Hello Friends!  I just want to share a little about myself and my journey in pursuing art.

For the last ten years I have been teaching myself drawing and painting along with the help of many different types of artists whom I’ve met in my journey. I have learned a great deal from them all.  Some I have met in person; most I have met online.

When I was 30 I went back to college.  My first class was Art History.  We had to do a project:   draw a tree…in pencil, ink, and watercolor.  Mine truly looked like something I had done in Kindergarten. It was a bit embarrassing at the time, but it peeked my interest in watercolors. I bought the lowest-grade supplies of paints, paper, and brushes just in case I didn’t stick with this endeavor. I wasn’t sure about what to paint, but I knew what I liked: flowers, landscapes, oceans, that type of thing. At first I would find greeting cards I liked and just copy the image by eyeballing it, not tracing it. I began using small pieces of paper – 4×6 and 5×7 sizes at the largest until I got the hang of it. I painted things pretty loosely in the beginning until I could learn to draw better. I have become very detailed in my work, especially when I paint flowers.  I love Georgia O’Keeffe’s work very much.

After I decided I was going to stick with painting, I joined the North Light Book Club and built up a fine collection of art books. It became expensive in the long run, though, so once I had quite a few to start with, I quit the club. Besides, I had obtained plenty to keep me busy for quite some time. So I put myself to work – LEARNING!  Hopefully, my work shows I have grown some.  😉

I wasn’t “born to do art like Vincent van Gogh, of whom is my favorite artist. For me, it has been an endeavor that I have had to work really hard at, but it has been the most rewarding work I’ve ever done outside of being a wife, mother, and home school teacher. All of those responsibilities have kept me busy through the years. My two kids are grown now so I have more free time for myself.  I have had an “empty nest” for over a year now which was an adjustment. But now my daughter’s old room is my art studio now.

You will find a variety of things to read on my blog.  I do have A.D.D., and struggle with anxiety and depression which I take medicines for, so I have a difficult time with staying consistent with projects.  I have many ideas, but they do not all make it out of my head! Sometimes I make plans for posts, but most of the time they are spontaneous.

My most current interest has been learning how to do mixed media.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please come back and visit.  🙂

  1. Hi – came here from Sherri’s blog and have been peeking around – and your humility is so natural. And just a litle side note – Vincent van Gogh did work hard at becoming an artist – and he had dozens of jobs before he settled in (even tried selling art with his bro) and then when he did settle in – there was resistance to his style (that impasto paint – with small chunky brush strokes – and that expressionistic style was not easily received). And Renoir worked his butt off too – and I only mentioned these too artists because you referred to them in your post here.
    But you see – Renoir learned and learned and struggled for years too – and so these guys are more like you than you might think. For example, Renoir used “imitation as a learning tool, a nineteen-year-old Renoir started studying and copying some of the great works hanging at the Louvre.” and so like you imitated those cards and found your groove – sounds like you were born to do what you are doing. ((Plus – we know God knew we would do what we do… eh??))

    have a nice day


    • Thanks for the encouragement, prior! We can all use lots of that as artists and writers! I have done lots of reading about van Gogh and yes, he had many jobs before trying to tackle art full-time but then also had the depression to deal with as well. It is so sad that his art wasn’t welcomed with open arms by people back in his day. He was so passionate and incredibly sensitive. I have a post on here somewhere about a book of his letters that I received as a gift almost two years ago. Have you ever read any of the letters he wrote to his brother Theo or to his parents? They are pretty revealing. He tried so hard but it seems he struggled so much for the approval of his family above all else. I wish I could give him a big hug and tell him how deeply his art and his love for all of his friends and family has touched me and influenced me. I have not done quite as much reading about Renoir but I have a huge print of his painting “The Dance at Bougivil” hanging in our living room that my husband gave me many years ago. However, I do remember reading about his copying other works when he began. I do plan to work a lot harder this coming year. This past year I haven’t been quite as consistent as in the past, but there are a few writing projects I’d like to finish up as well as get some art done. You have a great day, too, prior! 🙂

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      • Hey – I can’t write much now – so part 2 coming later – but for now just wanted to say that yes- love the letters and also have studied Vincent’s life from some stray books that I found at a used book store – some fun nuggets. But the thing I wanted to mention is that we can’t ever forget divine appointment with all things – and I believe with all my heart that big sales success for Vincent could have pulled from his essence – not that I am saying god wants us parched and always broke – but sometimes creating from angst leads to different output – and sometimes the angst keeps us closer to communion with God. And while it is sad that his work was. It received – it is actually so common for this to happen – which I am sure you know – but it is nothing personal when society puts up the iron hand or gives the cold shoulder to a style or to “different” to then later embrace and celebrate it. And with Vincent – as you know – he did have his brother who supported his art so much he paid for the materials- which is another topic in itself …
        But I will try to check out your post and look around at more of your work.
        Oh and part 2 in a couple of days 😉

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        • He was very fortunate to have his brother providing for him, but I think Vincent relied a lot on God as well. He loved God and had probably as you know tried to enter the ministry before being told he wasn’t good enough for it. Anyway, the agony suffered from depression is what has driven me to much of my work in the past and does keep me closer to God for sure. And thanks for whenever you can visit! 🙂

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  2. They say we have to start somewhere. Having no formal education in either art or writing, for me what comes is hard earned with hard work! But I love both writing and art, whether I’m good at it doesn’t matter, just to do it however I come to do it is good enough for me. :-))


    • Good for you, Jean! I agree! I mostly started learning art just for something new to do. I never had any goals in mind; I just wanted to do it for fun! And I still am. Writing is easy to start, but sometimes hard to finish for me. I don’t have quite the same passion for writing as I do for art. 😉


  3. Shoebox Of Love, Art & Photographs

    I love your story. I can relate myself as a beginner


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