Mama & Baby Porcupines

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone’s week is going well.  I worked on this probably longer than I should have.  It didn’t really turn out the way I hoped it would.  That is light-colored wood between them.  Also, the baby’s tiny paw is between their noses!  Oh well, it was still fun so I thought I would just post it anyway.  😉

I have written my story for my class, but did what I hope are the final revisions the other day.  My arm has been sore this week, so I have taken a break from being on my laptop until today.  I plan to FINISH it today and get it sent off well before the first of March.

I went for a couple of enjoyable hikes with a friend on Saturday and my husband on Monday.  I think I have found that I can walk on dirt paths without too much pain to my feet!  So I plan to do more hiking now especially before it gets too hot in a couple of months.

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug!  🙂

About whitefeatherfloating

When I began this blog I was simply going to share my writing. However, after being part of the blogging world for quite some time now, I decided to begin sharing my artwork. Patsy's Creative Corner will always have my artwork. Thanks for visiting! :)

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  1. As the artist of these lovely drawings, you will be the only one that notices the flaws. I do that with my sewing and embroidery and anything else I create. I picked apart my quilts for ages. Now I’ve learned to let the flaws be part of the art. Jill is right, make it fun or don’t do it. That’s been my new motto this year. I’ve let go of everything that isn’t truly bringing me joy. If I can’t see the flaw from across the room, it’s part of the project. I love your porcupines and since I don’t see all that well, everything looks perfect to me. 🙂 I’m sorry about your feel. Having a bit of an issue with one myself. Feels like a heel spur but can’t feel a spur. So I’ve been hobbling for a week or more. Gosh it hurts. Guess I’d better go get it looked at. ;( Keep drawing. I’m envious. 😉

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    • Thank you! I know exactly what you mean by being the only ones seeing the flaws in our work. My mom was that way, too. I don’t know why I say anything! You are all so kind and supportive!! Thank you.
      Actually, my feet are okay. The hiking will do me good! I hope your foot is better soon.

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  2. I think it’s a lovely picture and I’m sorry you are a bit disappointed with it. I can see how much work you have done on it! The textures and colours are really good and the porcupines have wonderful faces!

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  3. I think they’re adorable, Patsy! If you weren’t enjoying yourself, why bother doing it…just have fun.
    I’m so sorry I haven’t responded to your email. I did message you back on FB….hopefully you got that message, at least. I had oral surgery on Monday…so thankful that stage is behind me! ❤

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  4. Oh, I’m not. I was just a little disappointed, that’s all. Thanks so much, Anneli. I don’t mind posting my imperfections! 🙂


  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Patsy. The porcupines are beautiful. I love seeing your artwork, imperfections and all.

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