Hello Friends,

Lately I have been feeling like I don’t know the first thing about certain types of writing.  For instance, writing short stories, writing a novel, and especially children’s books.  I want to do all three of those, yet writing is definitely hard work, and lately I have had very little energy for it. Plus, I think I like drawing much more!  😉

Writing seems to be one of those things that needs to be “in your blood.”  Many people get educated, and work, work, work at it!  I would venture to say these are probably the most successful writers, but not always.  I’m sure there are tons of writers in the world that no one will ever know about in the “public” eye.  However, some of us just have an itch that has to be scratched! So we plop words on the page and let them fly into cyberspace!  (After editing of course.)

Also, there are so many different types of writing, such as the few I already named.  Add to that blogging, newsletters, technical, and _______ for Dummies (you fill in the blank) books, and we find there are endless venues for writing!

I used to write poetry.  I began in my late teens in the 70’s, but they were all sad or somewhat sadly hopeful that someday my life would change.  Why?  Depression!  I didn’t know about serotonin levels back then, and my dad was an alcoholic.  So it was a bad combo.  The rules in our home were simple:  1) Don’t talk about our family to anyone.  2)What goes on here is no one else’s business.  “Don’t air out our dirty laundry to strangers!” my mom said.  The alternative? We suffered in silence.

But I couldn’t…my poetry and other writing became my escape route just to survive childhood.When I entered recovery from various things in my late twenties, I began keeping a journal and did so for many years.  I occasionally jot things down in one now, but I don’t use it to process feelings anymore.

I am thankful, though, that now we have many blogs with tons of areas of interest regarding recovery from just about anything.  We have the freedom to write whatever we want and send it “out there.”  I just pray it is to encourage others, not just to vent, but to each his own.

I named my blog Patsy’s Creative Corner, because I want this to be my “thinking spot” and invite others to share in whatever I am thinking, feeling or doing from my little corner of the world.(Sorry I get so long-winded sometimes.)  In fact one of my first posts was about this topic over three years ago!  Be warned; it’s a little long, too.

Unfortunately, periodic bouts of heavy depression rob me of my need and desire to be creative.  Lately, I haven’t had the energy to do a lot of art; I’ve worked on some writing but feel discouraged about how it is turning out. Then I think.  WHY?  Why do I want to do any of this in the first place?  Well, I have to say it is… “in my blood.”  Initially it always begins with my need to create.  Then it turns into my need to share it with others.  Also, I think fulfilling the need to express oneself is healthy.  It’s good for the brain!

I want to know how my work affects you.  I don’t want to just hear that it is nice or cool or whatever.  Think about what I write, then tell me what you think (if you make it to the end…and even if you have constructive criticism.  I really do appreciate it.

Creative writing and making art are things I believe I am “meant to do.”  What I love most about creativity is that everyone has it, and it can be expressed in a multitude of ways!  Everyone is talented at something. Sometimes we just need to be encouraged and learn to encourage others.

Depression is a cross I have to bear in this life because of my silly brain.  But it led me to writing and art, so in a way I am thankful for it.  Eating the right foods consistently helps.  Exercise helps.  I am human, though, so all of these things are never in perfect balance, but I’ll…

just keep writing……just keep drawing……just keep painting…….

and just keep keeping on.  “Never give up! Never surrender!”

And finally…more drawing….using my noodle to doodle different fish poses for a story I wrote last summer.

Now off to do laundry!

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug!   🙂

About whitefeatherfloating

When I began this blog I was simply going to share my writing. However, after being part of the blogging world for quite some time now, I decided to begin sharing my artwork. Patsy's Creative Corner will always have my artwork. Thanks for visiting! :)

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  1. One of the things I have to keep in mind about creating (writing or art) is that we have to do it for ourselves because if we hoped for someone else to validate us (whether by being our agent or offering us publication), we may be waiting forever and be sorely disappointed. I say this not to discourage you (and I’ve felt discouraged more times than I can count myself) but to remind both of us to write for our own joy and our own therapy. Big hugs, Patsy! xo

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  2. I love how you drew each fish with a different expression, Patsy. It reminds me of when I’m walking down the city streets. It looks like you’re having fun with it and that’s the most important thing. xo

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  3. “just keep writing……just keep drawing……just keep painting…….”

    Why do I hear this in Dory’s voice? 🙂

    Yes, Patsy, just keep writing and drawing and painting. We do need to express ourselves, even if our audience stays smaller than we’d hoped. We write and draw and paint because we’re artists who need to sound our Barbaric ‘Yawps!’ from the rooftops of the world…even if nobody else looks up. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.

    And I love you for that.

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    • Yes, I love Dory! 😉 I will keep on writing, drawing, and painting; you keep writing, too, my love! I love you for that also. So Yawp from the treetops (or rooftops, wherever you like to be most) and let’s just be who we are meant to be. 🙂


  4. Melva Henderson

    Each one of the fish you’ve doodled have a distinct personality shining through. 🙂
    I too have spent my life fighting depression. Art and writing have also been my outlet, my source to deal and at times vent. I’ve written a memoir titled Growing up Parker with Mama, A Memoir that’s available on Amazon as paperback and kindle. In it you get a glimpse of me. I’ve written and self published twenty-one books in my journey to quell depression, listed on my website
    You aren’t alone out there Patsy! I think we both have a lot of company. 🙂


    • Awww…thanks Melva! Doodling is fun; I need to do it more often! I didn’t know about your depression unless you told me and I forgot…if so, I’m sorry! I will have to check out your memoir and your other books soon.
      And yes, you are right; WE are not alone by any means. It’s amazing though how I can feel like I am when I am in that dark place. But writing this today and taking care of laundry along with the Spring weather (and a little more doodling,) has helped me a lot. Tomorrow is a new day! 🙂


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