Lenny the Laughing Leatherback – Revision #1

Hello Friends!  I’m still playing around with this story!  This time I put in parentheses what kind of pictures I would want to do since it would potentially be a picture book.  I would still like to hear what you think!


Lenny the Laughing Leatherback

Lenny laughs.  He laughs when jellyfish sting other fish. He snickers when octopuses get tangled up in seaweed. He howls when abalone get snatched off the rocks by divers.

The fish who get stung by jellyfish do not like Lenny.  (Picture of jellyfish stinging fish and Lenny laughing)

The octopuses who get tangled up in seaweed hate Lenny.  (Picture of octopuses tangled in seaweed and Lenny laughing.)

The abalone who get snatched up by divers loathe Lenny!  (Picture of diver’s huge hand capturing an abalone and Lenny laughing.)

When Lenny swims by them…

the fish frown.  (Picture of frowning fish.)

the octopuses ogle their eyes.  (Picture of octopuses with their eyes rolled up and angry looks.)

the abalone stamp their sticky feet!  (Picture of abalone with their ‘feet’ stamping on rocks.)

(Picture of Lenny swimming right up to the others with an angry look on his face and his chest puffed out at them.)

(Next picture is of all those creatures running away and hiding from Lenny.)

Lenny laughs and begins swimming away but is not looking where he is going.  He runs right into a huge wall of coral!  (Picture of him hitting the wall and saying ‘ouch!’  Then he holds his head with a pained expression and stops to rest on the bottom of the ocean but looking very angry!)

The fish hiding in the seaweed are laughing.  (Picture of the fish scattering and hiding in the seaweed as Lenny is glaring at them.)

The octopuses camouflaged in the coral are whispering, “P…p…poor L…L…Lenny b…b…bumped his big fat head!”  (Picture of coral that looks like the octopuses.)

Lenny yells at them, “S…s…stop it!”  They laugh loudly and swim away quickly before he can catch them.

The abalone stick themselves to rocks so Lenny won’t see them shaking in their shells.  They feel sorry for him a little, but have been too afraid to try to be his friends.  (Picture of shaking abalone on the rocks and Lenny shakes to show he’s making fun of them with a mean smirk on his face.)

When all is quiet around him, Lenny suddenly hears a faint clicking sound coming from under a seashell.  He grabs the shell and shakes it swiftly.  (A picture showing him angrily shaking the shell but not knowing there is a hermit crab inside – readers see it but Lenny doesn’t.)

Plop!  (A picture of Lenny with a surprised look on his face and an angry look on the hermit crab’s face.)

Just when the hermit crab is getting ready to yell at Lenny for shaking him out of his home, his eyes grow wide with fear!  He is so scared he pees right there in the sand.

(A picture of Lenny laughing hysterically and pointing at the tiny puddle under the hermit crab.  The crab’s face is dark red.)

“Hey!  I’ve heard about you!  You’re that giant Leatherback sea turtle who keeps swimming all over the sea laughing at others who get hurt or embarrassed easily.  Why are you such a big bully?”

Lenny was stunned into silence.  His face reddened and he hung his head low.  Then he cleared his throat and said, “Others l…l…laugh at m…m…me all the t…t…time!”

The hermit crab was surprised.  He said, “Hey, you’re stuttering!  Is that why they laugh at you?”

Lenny nodded and a huge tear came sailing down on the hermit crab’s head with a mighty splash.  He fell down at the weight of it.  Then he walked back over to his house and crawled inside.  Sticking out his head he said, “I guess it feels embarrassing to stutter, huh?”

Lenny nodded again.  He said, “Everyone m…m…makes f…f…f….FUN of me all the t…t…time!  I hate it!  S…s…so I s…s…started laughing at them when they g…g…got hurt or emb…b…barrased!  Then when they were s…s…scared of me, I l…l…liked it!”

The little hermit crab said, “I don’t think that was nice of you, but I understand how you feel.  Sometimes other sea creatures don’t understand why I like to crawl inside of shells and carry them around on my back, so they make fun of me, too.  It used to hurt my feelings, but I just tell them I do it to protect myself from predators who want to eat me!”

Lenny said, “That makes sense.”

Ed asked, “Do you have any friends at all?”

“Nope.  N…n…not one.  No one l…l…likes me!  No one ever l…l…listens to m…m…me l…l…long enough for me to t…t…tell them how much it hurts to be made fun of.  I’m glad you did.  What’s your n…n…name?”


Lenny started to laugh but caught himself and stopped.  He just grinned instead.  (His smile will look so goofy, it will make Ed laugh hysterically!)

Ed broke out into a fit of giggles.  He said, “I bet you were expecting me to tell you my name is Harry or Herman the hermit crab, huh?  I know everyone has a name that starts with the same letter as what they are, like Josh, the jellyfish, and Grace, the green sea turtle.  They are a couple of my friends.”

Lenny nodded his head and began laughing loudly.  “I’m sorry, but Ed?  Why are you n…n…named Ed?” he said.

“My parents thought it would be different to name me something that rhymes with my color!  You know, Ed rhymes with red?  Get it?”  He rolled his eyes.

When Ed locked eyes with Lenny, they both began laughing.  (Picture of Ed laughing so hard he falls out of his shell!)  The more they stared at one another, the harder they laughed.  Then Lenny gently picked up Ed’s shell and handed it to him.

“Thank you, Lenny.”  Ed said.

“You’re welcome, Ed.  Hey, will you be my friend?”

“I already am!” exclaimed Ed.

So Lenny and Ed became great buddies, and Lenny made many more friends in the sea.

The End

 © Patsy H. Parker

I was thinking about a softball coach I had when I was a kid who stuttered.  I loved him so much!  I don’t know if he was ever made fun of when he was a kid, though.  Anyway, this is for Ed Organ.  I love you Ed and still remember the sound of your voice!  R.I.P.

It is still rough, I know, but I am too tired to keep working on it today!  Ha, ha!

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug!  🙂  

And…critique away!

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  1. Even though the story is only in rough draft, it brings the point of bullying and the effect it has on others to the forefront. I think it’s a good story. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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