Happy New Year’s Eve!!


Hello everyone.  I just wanted to make a last post this year to thank all of you who read my blog or have just stopped in to take a quick peek around.  I realize there are a lot of unfinished things on here that I began this year or maybe even longer ago, but that’s how life is for me…I don’t always finish what I start.

When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me I never finished what I started so it became something I have heard in the back of my mind ever since.  It was not always true, but the notion did cause me to feel guilty whenever I did not finish something I began.  I know many people besides myself who struggle with this.  Oh except for maybe the “type A” personalities or the “perfectionists” (of which I used to pressure myself to be.)  But through the last 22 years of living with a “type B” personality, the more laid back kind of person that my husband is, I have come to realize that I think I have always been one, too.  I just didn’t feel I could allow myself to be one when I was surrounded by those type A people who used to be in my life.  Don’t get me wrong; I still love them, but I will never ever be one, and my acceptance of this has lifted a huge weight off of me.  I think everyone should be who we are meant to be and not worry about trying to be like who we may admire or compare ourselves to; comparing ourselves to others really is a waste of energy.

Last night I was telling my husband that I feel like I didn’t accomplish much this year (still struggle with the “I’m not good enough LIE”,) but then this morning I realized that in the past year I have been building friendships that I think will last the rest of my life, I have done as much art as I desired to do, I have read 128 books (26,680 pages) this year which is crazy!  I set my goal at 75 books so this was a surprise!   Granted some of those were children’s books when I was checking them out from the library and getting ideas about picture books, but hey!  A book is a book…in my book!  😉  So all in all I think it has been a pretty good year!

I worked out a lot, but got a little lax in that area in the last few months.  However, my daughter’s school is relocating to a building within walking distance of the gym I go to which will be great for the rest of the school year.  After that I may not keep the membership since I won’t technically have to go to town for her next year.  She graduates this coming May!   I am very proud of her.  In the meantime I will still use the gym on the days we go and work out at home the rest of the time.

I find it hard to structure my time, however, when I don’t have to go anywhere for anything in particular.  I just get myself so distracted so easily!  When I was homeschooling the kids, we had some structure but it wasn’t really strict; as long their work was done and they were learning, I was happy.  And they made it through just fine.  So what is next for me once she learns to drive and can go do what she wants to do – either work or go to community college or both – I’m not really sure yet??

I may just take a year to spend as much time with my sweet husband as possible when he isn’t working.  I may try to get back to some writing projects I have started.  I may get more serious about really working on the picture book ideas I have.  Or I may just bask in the sun on nice days, sip on some tea, and read a great book (maybe I’ll make it to 200 books some year in the future.)  I do love my solitude!

What I have learned in the last few years is to slow down in life.  I think of life as a marathon, not a sprint.  We had to learn to crawl and walk before we could run; now that I am on the other end of my life’s spectrum, it is time to learn to walk and crawl again.  Some days my body won’t let me do anything except barely walk anyway!  HA, HA!

So my dear friends I am ending 2016 feeling thankful for God, my family, my friends, our health, and all of the love that has been given me this year.  I pray I gave as much or more than I received.  May 2017 be another year of love, joy, peace, and sweet friends and family to cherish for everyone.  God bless you all!

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug!  🙂




About whitefeatherfloating

When I began this blog I was simply going to share my writing. However, after being part of the blogging world for quite some time now, I decided to begin sharing my artwork. Patsy's Creative Corner will always have my artwork and some writing, but I also created a blog called "My Crazy Life!" in order to simply write my short autobiography and hopefully get some feedback on it as I go. However, it is a very slow project right now. You can find it here: https://spreadingmy2wings.wordpress.com Thanks for visiting! :)

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  1. I love your philosophy and I can see why others love ya (like Sherri)
    You have so much wisdom about not letting productivity be our gauge for success – but many of these holistic messages (like to also not compare) have to be repeated and we remind ourselves of this truth.
    How exciting that your daughter is going finish school – and you really should do a children’s book because you have the talent.
    And whew – that is a lot of books – and truly something to keep you fresh!
    Have s great day and cheers to 2017.


    • Thanks so much! I appreciate your kindness. I spent my whole childhood and early adulthood comparing myself to others’ success and focusing on my failures too much. One of the wisest things I think that I’ve ever heard, and can’t remember from whom unfortunately, is that success culminates over a lifetime of failures. Success isn’t about how much money I make, or how nice a car I drive or anything material in value. To me, success is being able to go to sleep at night with a clear conscience (or be working on one,) accomplishing whatever it was I set out to do that day (and not getting down on myself when I don’t) loving the people in my life with all of my heart, having the freedom to think, and feeling the full range of all of my feelings. This may seem a strange list, but I did write a piece about success that should still be on my blog here; I just haven’t read it in a long time. But right now, that is what success is to me. It is living life to the fullest with no regret and being thankful for all I have.
      Thank you for the good wishes about the children’s books I have the idea to write. I guess it is all just still in the idea stages at this point. I think I’ll know when it is really coming to me and when the right time will be to do it. Seven is a lot of books; still not sure how it would be a series if they are all about seven different types of sea turtles?? Anyway, thanks for your encouragement! Have a great day also! 🙂

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      • well Louis L’Amour often talked about his ideas never came to him until his pencil was in motion. In other words, it is in the motion that many projects unfold – take shape – and fall into place, ya know? well I think you do know… ha!
        later I will have to share some things I learned from a recent writing project – it was so much try this – cut it – try this – cut it – and then eventually – I found what was needed for the small part that was mine. whew
        well have a nice day – 🙂


        • Good ole Louis L’Amour. My husband has read a lot of his stuff; I haven’t, though. But my husband’s quote from Louis that he always says is “Adventure is just another name for trouble” or something like that. Funny, but true sometimes! I know that once I start working on something I have been putting off or haven’t had time to get to, the ideas usually come. It’s sticking with writing that is the hard part sometimes. I’d love to hear what you have to say from your recent writing project, prior! Thanks. Have a great day. It is sunny and beautiful here so I took a walk, but we will be preparing for a big storm tonight that is supposed to last a few days. I just hope we don’t lose power! Have a great day! 🙂

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          • we have a storm coming too – wow – we are in Virginia….
            and side note – I tried to read L’Amour – someone sent us a bunch of paper backs- and not my thing at all. but his is why we need lots of books – for the diverse tastes and changing interests – and I don’t know about you -but I find that I have been changing some of my interests every couple years – I did not expect to have this happen as I aged and matured…


  2. What a sweet post. I too have slowed down and will continue to do so. I have found more wonderful crafts to do this past year and am so thankful I have the time and money to do them. I love retirement, even with all the house renovations I’m doing by myself.

    I look forward to seeing more of your art. I also enjoy your musings. And I need to tell you this…every time I see the words “white feather floating” I think of Forest Gump and start playing the music, that beautiful music, in my head that is at the end of the movie while that white feather pops out of the Curious George book and floats around. Is that where you got the name for your blog?

    Happy New Year from the other Patsye.


    • Happy New Year, Patsye! Thanks so much for the wonderful compliments! I suppose I have been semi-retired for about 20 years….ha! Actually, after having the kids I chose to stay home which is where I wanted to be but have worked hard here. Wow, renovations by yourself? Ambitious! Good luck with all of that this year. I plan to do more art…am working on something now that I hope to get back to this week. I actually made up the name of whitefeatherfloating about 20 years ago from reading Native American history; it just came to me one day. So I think Forest Gump came out after that. 🙂 That is one of my favorite movies for sure. And that’s just me, the blog being Patsy’s Creative Corner, ha, ha! Well, I love visiting yours as well and have loved seeing all of your different crafts lately. Sorry I don’t always comment. Have a great week! 🙂


  3. I love this post. Your self awareness is very positive and hopeful. Finishing what you start is overrated. Loving what you do when you do it is much more important. Happy 2017.


    • Thank you so much, Genevieve! I just love you! I wish I could see you and your sweet Cupcake in person! I hope you have a wonderful new year, and yes, I agree. I don’t understand Type A personality people to tell you the truth…never have. The way I figure it, when I get bored with something or stuck so bad that it is frustrating me and stressing me out, it’s time to put it aside. If it doesn’t get finished, big deal…as long as it isn’t a job I HAVE to do for someone else I guess! Happy New Year, my friend! 🙂


  4. We love you just the way you are, Patsy…don’t ever change! Whatever you focus on next year, I hope you’ll continue with your art, your talent is to great to put it aside. I’m so jealous of the number of books you read this year. I’d love to have more reading time, but for now, I have to settle for my hour a day while on the elliptical. Happy New Year!


    • Awww….thank you, Jill, my sweet friend! I love you just the way you are, too. I’m excited to get to read your first book when it arrives! 🙂 I read that many books because I just didn’t do a whole lot else! Ha, ha! 🙂 Happy New Year!


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