Ballerina – Older Child

I really liked the way this girl turned out, especially her dress. I like her skin tone much more also; it looked as if she is actually wearing pink tights with the dress, but I also noticed that her skin tone is too close to the color I made the dress. In the photo her dress is more of a cream color that blends in a lot with her surroundings, but I wanted it to stand out a little more. She is also in a lot of shadow, but I didn’t want to paint her that way. I think the background is much too light. I sharpened it up a lot in photoshop in the third picture here, but that is not how it looks. I am not sure what color to try and add into the background to bring her out more.

Any suggestions??? I need lots of help with this one!

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug. 🙂

Ballerina - Older Child 2

Ballerina - Close-up of Older Child

Ballerina - Older Child Close

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  1. Lovely these Patsy 🙂


  2. I think I would try a pale shade of slate (pale blue gray to enhance the skin and dress color,


    • She is pale in the photo and the dress is actually a cream color. I changed it to pink and wanted to maintain the sheer see-through effect. I think I’m going to leave it the way it is for now. But thanks for the suggestion, Melva.


  3. Lovely work Patsy on your daughter, the Ballerina!! Beautiful pose and do like how delicate she looks.


    • Thank you, Mary, but she isn’t my daughter. My daughter never got into ballet. I actually took her to a couple of classes when she was about three, but she hated it so didn’t continue. I am still working on trying to get her hands right. The girl in the picture just has the absolute sweetest pose and expression, but I haven’t captured it yet! Back to the drawing board, but thanks so much for your encouragement, Mary!

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  4. I think what you have blends well with the pastel shades

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