Gracie, the Green Sea Turtle, Chapter Eight

Happy Saturday, friends. Here is the next chapter of my children’s book. I would love some feedback and even kind criticisms. Thank you.
Also, I am having trouble getting my tags to work correctly. You can read the story in full on the PAGE that is called Gracie, the Green Sea Turtle.

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug. 🙂


“Wait up, guys!” Gretchen puffed. She was having a hard time keeping up with everyone, because she hadn’t eaten yet, and knew her blood sugar was too low. “Wait! I can’t run that fast!”

They all stopped and turned around. “What’s the joke, slowpoke?” Samuel laughed.

Gretchen had to smile. She hadn’t heard that expression since she was little. “Ha, ha. Very funny, Samuel. I haven’t eaten since this morning so I am really running out of steam. Do you guys mind if I go back and eat something quick and catch up with you in a minute?”

Gracie said, “Do you want me to come with you? Just in case you pass out and people start walking all over you or something?”

Gretchen knew Gracie well enough to know that was a payback dig for what she had said earlier. Gretchen nodded. “If you wouldn’t mind. I’ll grab something to bring with me, okay?”

The boys looked at each other and Eddie said, “Well, okay then. We’ll wait for you down the beach. “Let’s go!” he yelled to Samuel.

“Yeah!” Then the boys took off racing each other.

When the girls began walking back, Gretchen said, “I’m not really super hungry. I just wanted to say I was sorry about what I said earlier. It totally slipped Gracie. Please believe me. I would never want to hurt you like that on purpose especially in front of the boy you like!” She grinned widely.

“It was kind of mean, but I know. I just wish I wasn’t so stupid. I wish I didn’t have to work so hard just to get a B!”

“You are NOT stupid! I wish you would stop saying that all the time. I know that is how this disability makes you feel, but everyone has some kind of limitation in some area of their life. Look at the kids at school who are physically handicapped and in Special Ed! Most of them hardly ever think about it, because they just know it is part of who they are. I think you just need to accept your disability and make up your mind to work hard. I don’t mean to sound like your mom, but I just think you would do so much better if you did. You know I’m always here to help you, too.” She bumped shoulders with Gracie, and Gracie bumped back. Then they began giggling and decided to turn around and run towards the boys and the turtle.


When the girls reached the end of the beach, there was a small crowd there. They looked for the boys for a few minutes until they heard Eddie bellowing out their names and waving them over to where he and Samuel were sstanding. When the girls found them, they looked down at this amazing creature with mouths wide open.

Together they said, “Wow!” Then they bent down, slowly reached out and touched the sea turtle’s shell. The turtle’s eyes followed the movement of their hands, then she grunted.

Everyone crouched around her in a circle. They were all mesmerized by the enormity of her body. Her flippers alone were a couple of feet long and very wide. The boys didn’t have any words. They sat and examined every inch of her with curious eyes.

Suddenly she began moving her back flippers very swiftly. She began to dig in the sand. People grabbed their small children cautiously and told them to stand back. The kids squealed with delight. One child who looked to be about three years old yelled, “Look, Mama! She’s gonna dig a hole! She’s gonna dig a hole!” He clapped his hands and jumped up and down.

Eddie’s voice was speaking before he realized he was talking out loud, not just in his head. He was telling the child that she was digging a hole to lay her eggs in. The child put his hands on his hips and said, “I know! Everyone knows that!” The mother scolded him and made him apologize for being a smart-aleck. He did, but when she wasn’t looking, he stuck his tongue out at Eddie.

Samuel and the girls laughed, but Eddie scowled at him to try and scare him. It didn’t make any difference. He just stuck his tongue out again, but this time his mother saw him. She grabbed his hand and said, “Let’s go. If that’s how you’re going to behave, you don’t get to see the sea turtle anymore. I’m taking you back to your father.” Then she apologized to Eddie and left.

“Wow. What a goofy little kid!” Eddie said. “I bet he’s gonna get wailed on when he gets back to his dad!” Just then they heard a whack! and the little boy cryied out loudly. “Huh! I guess she didn’t wait to get him back to his dad after all!” Then he and the snickered.

“I wonder how long it’s going to take her to lay her eggs?” Gretchen questioned.

© Patsy H. Parker

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