New Year on the Horizon


Last year I posted that I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions. I still don’t. However, I did post a few goals for this year. So now, having a look back, I am pleased. These were my five goals and the results are in.

1. Complete 24 new pieces of art. I figure that is two a month. If I end up doing more, great!!

I don’t post all my art, but I know I exceeded completing 24 new pieces of art. My greatest achievement that gave me the most joy was doing the series of the seven different sea turtles. That was FUN! And really, shouldn’t we make it a goal to love our work?

2. Read at least 12 new art instruction books.

I read a few. Actually, twelve was really reaching. 😉

3. Read 100 books.

Last year I read 70 books. This year it was about the same. I actually don’t have a count because I lost my list that I was keeping! Oh well. I read a lot of books, but I would still want to try and hit 100 in 2015. OR maybe it would be better to set a much lower number and read some deep stuff that makes me THINK a lot more. Hmmmm….we’ll see.

4. Learn how to paint watercolor portraits.

I did one watercolor portrait of my daughter which I was very pleased with, but didn’t attempt any more. I did the pencil drawing of my friend, Matthew Songmaker which I posted earlier this year. I was pleased with it. And I suppose the sea turtles were portraits in a way, right?

5. Music

My husband and I were planning on spending lots more time on music this year, however, by the end of the summer, we decided to leave the church where we were supposed to be taking that ministry over. Many, many problems developed there and came to a head in October. So we have found a wonderful new church that we love. I am very much looking forward to all God has planned for our lives!

THIS YEAR MY GOALS WILL BE ABOUT THE SAME (except for the music.) I’ll just play my piano for enjoyment and sing occasionally when I feel like it. But I am including a new one. GETTING A LOT MORE WRITING DONE!

I want to finish things I have started like…

1) My autobiography
2) My novel
3) A few short stories
4) Some non-fiction writing

Yeah, I know. Pretty ambitious. I have read a lot about different famous writers who have stated that some novels they’ve done took several years. Others seem to knock out a novel, a non-fiction book and other writing as well all in one year. However, I am still really learning how to write well. My autobiography at this point is composed of my major life events. Detail is difficult for me, because I just don’t seem to have as many memories as some people do. I remember lots of feelings, but not specific memories like I wish I did.

I have thought about taking a different approach to the structure. I have been writing it chronologically, but I am thinking perhaps topically might work best for me. I haven’t decided yet. First, I just want to finish getting down all the facts and aspects I feel comfortable enough sharing. Then I will decided how to structure the body. Last night I managed to finally get out on my laptop the most painful, scary, and pivotal event of my teen years, but I am still not sure I even want to include it. However, I am glad I finally got it out!

So I have a few goals again. It feels good to set goals and look back and see them get met! I have never been a goal-oriented person, because my life was so crazy and chaotic growing up that I honestly was never taught how to set and meet any. Fortunately, God will never leave me where I am. He doesn’t push; He doesn’t pull. He holds my hand and walks beside me.




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When I began this blog I was simply going to share my writing. However, after being part of the blogging world for quite some time now, I decided to begin sharing my artwork. Patsy's Creative Corner will always have my artwork. Thanks for visiting! :)

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  1. You have some great goals there Patsy, and you should be very pleased with all you have already accomplished, well done my friend! Your goals are great (I’ll be sharing mine in my next post) as I think it’s so important to get them down in writing and then they are sealed and ready to work on. That way we can at least do our level best to accomplish them, or as many of them as we can. Writing memoir is not an easy thing. I haven’t touched mine for some time. I’m writing chronologically but thinking even as I write and bash out the first draft that I’m going to be changing a fair bit. So many ideas but then come all the distractions and that’s the really hard part. And as for all the books you’ve read, well, all I can say is wow! You really do love your reading that’s for sure! I think I must be a really slow reader! Happy New Year to you and your family Patsy, and may it be a truly wonderful one for you filled with blessings galore. God bless 🙂 xo


  2. You accomplished a great deal in 2014, especially with your art, Patsy. You should be proud. Something you might like to try is purchasing a nice journal to log in the name and author of the books you read each year. I started doing this a few years ago, when I was buying books that I had already read. 🙂 Happy New Year! xo


    • I actually had them written down in the back of a current journal. I have no idea why I tore them out except to put them in a blog post, but they are around here somewhere……:)

      Thanks for the idea, though. I think I will do just that! I like all the little journals that are available now. Although, years ago I stopped keeping a daily journal in those small ones because I went through them too fast. I buy a big 5-subject spiral notebook now that lasts me for months!

      You should see the stack I already have and have bought just in the last couple of weeks. I found a few used ones for next to nothing! We checked out a used books store downtown in Redding finally several weeks ago. So I have quite a few things I am reading at the moment!

      Happy New Year to you, too, Jill. xoxo


  3. Happy new year, Patsy. May this new year bring you health, and happiness.


    • Happy New Year to you, too, Alf. I pray you and your daughter have a blessed year as well. Hey, I just joined a gym so I can have a good bike to ride. It was cheaper to pay a small monthly fee all year than to plunk out several hundred dollars for a new bike. So, we’ll see how that goes. I felt so old, though, looking at all those young fit people when I joined! Ha, ha! 🙂


      • Thank you, Patsy.
        And i think joining a gym will bring good for you, Patsy. Health and fit are key to happiness too.


        • Definitely, Alf. I am going today for the first time. It is in town which is 45 min. away, so I haven’t had a reason to go to town this past few days. Our kids are on school vacation one more week. Once they are back in their classes, I will be going at least 3 days a week. I’m going to start with just using the stationary bike since I am currently in physical therapy and doing special exercises at home. Eventually, I will try some other machines. The bike alone will help tremendously, though. I can’t afford to plunk out hundreds of dollars for a new bike right now. 🙂


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