Icon for Hire’s “The Grey” and “Get Well”

Icon for Hire

I’m not sure who did the artwork in the first video, but the band singing is Icon for Hire. They are primarily a rock back according to lead singer Ariel Bloomer. Some people classify them as punk rock. You can read about them if you are interested on
Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon_for_Hire

I have been listening to their two albums called “Icon for Hire” and “Scripted” for months now. This young woman’s voice is so beautiful. Her lyrics are so raw and honest. This is what I love about these kinds of bands. They have reached the point where they are not afraid to be themselves, be true to themselves, and be honest about who they are.

Ariel also designs and makes all of her own clothes which just shows how creative she is! She plays the piano so elegantly, too. I think she is a true artist who deserves a spotlight. God has been using her to heal some recent hurts in me. And although I love all of their songs, these are a couple of my favorites! Just another side of me you may not have known about. I am willing to listen to just about anything and make a judgment for myself, not just listen to other people’s opinions and trust them without seeing for myself. Some Christians may think this is foolish thinking. Oh well. That’s who I am.

Have a great day and give someone you love a big hug! 🙂

Here is one of their most mellow songs that I love, love, love!

And here is one of their most rocking songs!! I have been in “recovery” from many things for years even though I know I am forgiven for so much. But sometimes people STAY STUCK, saying they want to get well, but really don’t. I’m not sure what was in Ariel’s mind when she wrote these lyrics, but to me it is speaking from my heart that “I meant it when I said, I wanna get well……” STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF AND YOUR BELIEFS….ALWAYS!!!!

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  1. Beautiful sound Patsy and words, glad you shared the music.


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