It’s Never Too Late…..Until You’re Dead!

George Eliot said “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

Okay, I admit it. I stole this from a post I read by Sherri Matthews. Her blog is at And she was featured at another friend of mine’s blog, Jill Weatherholt. Her blog is at They are both wonderful ladies, excellent writers, and have come to be great friends of mine.

However, today I wanted to write about this quote that Sherri shared. I have not read any of George Eliot’s writing, but I like this quote. It really is NEVER too late to be what you might have been…until you’re dead!

I add that last part, because I saw my mom live a life of mixed regret. She loved being a mother more than anything, but her marriage to my dad was disappointing. She lived with his alcoholism until he quit drinking after over 30 years of marriage when she said it was “too late to go back to how it used to be.” I didn’t think so. It would have taken a few years to heal all the damage that had been done between them, but she just chose not to. She said she forgave him for many things, but she chose to tolerate their relationship instead of recapture it.

I don’t think she ever experienced the “fairy tale” type of love she used to long for with my dad anyway. She was an avid reader of romance novels, and laughed and cried with her books. When I went through a short marriage and divorce in the 80’s, I was bitter for awhile. I never wanted to remarry, but I also didn’t want to end up alone. So I chose to go to therapy and work through my issues. It took years to recover from the effects of my dad’s alcoholism, my first husband’s alcoholism, and my own alcoholism. I had a wonderful therapist, though, who helped me heal over the next few years.

Then I met the awesome husband I have now, and we were married a year later.  (We will celebrate 20 years this December.) Granted, I did get scared and break up with him twice while we were dating, but he loved me enough to work through all of my issues with me. He has always been a trooper, that’s for sure!

It is my husband who has always encouraged me to go for my dreams:

1) To be a wife and mother……..check!
2) To be a teacher………check! (I homeschooled our kids.)
3) To resume my writing……..check!
4) To be an artist…….check!
5) To love God with all my heart……check!

Right now our family is going through a difficult transition regarding church, though. So although I love God with all of my heart, I am in the process of moving on and experiencing change. This kind of change makes me feel uncomfortable, but in the longrun I pray it will be good for us. We will be looking for a new church to attend, and it will not be easy. It will mean another trip to town for us each week, but it’s not like we can’t get some shopping done after church!

All I know is it is never too late to change………until you’re dead. If you need a change, need to move on from something, find the courage to do it. You never know what God can do until you give Him the chance to do it!

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug!!! 🙂

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  1. What a beautiful post Patsy and thank you so much for your kind words, I am so glad I met you here and am very grateful for your friendship too 🙂 I can relate to much of what you share here as you know, with alcoholism and divorce in my family too but yes, although it is never to late to be who you were meant to be, the choice is ours if we really are prepared to ‘step out of the boat’. This is risky, yes, but if we ask God for guidance, He will lead us along the right path of that I am convinced. Just as I know you will find the right church as you pray about it. Big hugs to you my friend ❤


  2. Keep praying, Patsy and you’ll find your answers. I so happy you found your husband! I’ve always believed everyone is capable of changing, they just have to want it. Being pressured by someone to change never works, the desire to change must come from within.
    Thank you so much for your kind words, Patsy. I feel the same about our friendship. xo


    • I am, Jill! Thank you for your encouragement. I am very happy I found my husband, too! And yes, I know all of us can change, but I agree, we have to want to change. Pressure from without just makes me want to dig my heels in and resist!

      You are welcome, Jill. I am so thankful we met! 🙂


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