Watercolor Painting Process – Part 3

This next step is something you may or may not want to do in your painting. In order to preserve the “white” of the paper for highlights or being able to go back over a spot that you want to appear much lighter, you can use this product called Colourless Art Masking Fluid.
I use the Winsor Newton brand, but there are other brands available. You can get it at just about any store that sells art supplies.

The one thing you need to know about this product, however, is that you should use a very cheap type of brush to apply it. Think about how much space you want covered, too. Smaller brushes for smaller spaces, larger brushes for larger spaces, for instance. I will warn you it is difficult to get off of the brush after you are done. I have tried using various soaps, but it is rubbery, so sometimes I just pull it off with my fingers or use something sharp to scrape it off. Note that the brushes may seem much more tattered after using them for this, which is why you want to go cheap for brushes!!

Also note that this is not the only way to preserve the white of the paper. You can also just paint very carefully around those parts and hope for the best. I have had on occasion, but rarely, the bad experience of the masking fluid leave parts more white than I wanted them, because I painted too much on.

FOR BEGINNERS: I would avoid using this product until you become really comfortable with painting first. 🙂


Masking Fluid

Masking Fluid Application

Masking Fluid Application 2


© Patsy H. Parker

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When I began this blog I was simply going to share my writing. However, after being part of the blogging world for quite some time now, I decided to begin sharing my artwork. Patsy's Creative Corner will always have my artwork. Thanks for visiting! :)

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  1. It’s definitely worth thinking about if you were to move closer into town, Patsy. You are the type of instructor I would want…patient.
    Thanks for letting me know you received my check. 🙂 My sister has been out of town, but I plan to send her one of your cards. I’ve already emailed her picture of the hummingbird drawing.
    I’m happy to hear you’re purchasing the 2015 Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market book. I just received my copy of the 2015 Writer’s Market book and I’m waiting for the Short Story book. They are packed full of beneficial information. Do you subscribe to the Writer’s Digest emails? I received a special sale price and then they emailed me a 20% coupon so I ended up paying $23 and had free shipping.
    I can’t wait to hear about your consultation next week…keep me posted!


  2. Nice job, Patsy! Have you ever considered teaching art classes? You’re very good at explaining the steps involved. 🙂


    • Thank you, Jill! I have, but not any time soon. We live too far away from the largest towns around us! 🙂 Also, I’m afraid it get me away from doing my own art too much. A lot of artists support themselves that way in town, though!

      By the way, I received your check. Thank you very much! I appreciate it. Since I don’t need any art supplies at the moment, I’m using it to buy the 2015 Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market book. I am going to be meeting with a lady next Tuesday who offers publishing consultations and coaching services. She lives very close to where my kids take their classes in town, so we are meeting while Josh is in Latin next week. I still need to get all my stuff organized and ready for that! 🙂


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