Worksheet #5 – What Kind of Worker Are You? Part 2

Are you able to adapt to different environments? Are you flexible? Give an example.

I think so. For instance, once I was hired to be a sales clerk for an import store that hadn’t opened yet. I had never really built anything using wood, hammer and nails at that point in my life. But before the store could open, the salespeople were expected to build all of the shelving for the items we would be selling such as glassware, baskets, etc. I wasn’t sure if I would do that part of the job well or not, but the guy hired me, showed me what he wanted, and how to do it, and I did it just fine. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and I was sad when that part of the job ended!

Are you fast, or do you like to take your time? Why?

I think speed depends on the task at hand. For instance, when I was hired to stuff envelopes for a short-term project at a credit union once, speed mattered. But if the job includes having to be accurate at something such as typing documents, I would tend to take my time so I don’t have mistakes to correct. I have always been a pretty fast typist, though, so maybe that’s not a great example. 🙂 Anyway, I think most jobs are done well if a person takes their time and focuses on efficiency rather than speed, because if something is done too fast, but ends up looking sloppy, it wasn’t worth trying to “save time.”

Do you have confidence in your own ideas?

If it is a drawing or a painting that I am working on alone, then yes. If it something for an art class, then yes. But I get frustrated with teachers I have had who say “be creative” on one hand, but are really saying, “do it MY way” on the other hand. That frustrates me greatly. And I am not talking about learning art techniques correctly. I am just talking about when a teacher isn’t really being clear on how she wants a project done or maybe I get the feeling she doesn’t like MY work, but is not saying so and just wants me to do it her way. I hope that is clear.

Can you think on your feet? Or do you get rattled when things don’t go as planned? Explain.

I have to say I have only thrown out a few paintings that were just not turning out the way I wanted them to and frustrated me so much I destroyed them. But in the past few years, if a part of a painting isn’t coming out exactly like what I had envisioned in my head, then I can usually compromise with myself and go with the flow. I try not to let myself get too rattled.

Are you good at communicating with others? Give an example.

I believe I communicate well. I think when I run into trouble communicating an idea, it is because I am just not able to explain clearly enough to someone else what I am seeing in my head. Fortunately, my daughter knows me well enough that if we work on something together, I let her run with what she thinks I want, and usually it turns out that she has read my mind. It’s a little freaky, actually.

Are you good at solving problems? Other people’s or just your own? How?

I think I am efficient at solving my own problems as well as others’. I just stand back and think for awhile before trying to do something different.


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