New paints, brushes and paper!!!! :-)

I found these Grumbacher Academy watercolor paints for less than $3! I usually pay almost $5 at my local store. They are considered to be a lower grade watercolor paint, but I have tried several other brands of more expensive ones, yet I always find myself using these more than any other. So I decided to stick with what I love. Anyway, I had to try out my new colors. These are colors I’ve been wanting to get for a long time, but my local store never seems to have them for some reason. So I found a great deal on these at Jerry’s Artarama, along with a 10 pack of 30×34 Fabriano watercolor paper in 300 lb. weight!!! I have used this brand of paper before and I found I liked it. I used to get Arches, but it has gone up so much, it is out of my price range! But last week I received an unexpected monetary blessing from someone. So of course the first thing I thought of was buying new art supplies! They came yesterday in the mail. They really have some great deals going there now until the end of the year. I usually stock up on stuff from there every year. Here’s the link: Be forewarned, though, that once you find all you want, the website might not let you purchase there. I was having a lot of trouble with it, so I had to call my order in, but it was no problem really. I also ordered enough to qualify for free shipping by USPS. If anyone checks them out, good luck!!

So here is what I got! I didn’t take a picture of the paper, though. Boring! I painted this on scrap paper. I have to cut my pieces one at a time since the pieces are so large. But I’ve always found this to be a more economical way to conserve paper. The brushes I purchased are a script brush and a chisel brush. I already feel wonderful opportunities coming for the use of these!!! Lastly, I decided to show off the colors in a creative way!

Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug! 🙂






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When I began this blog I was simply going to share my writing. However, after being part of the blogging world for quite some time now, I decided to begin sharing my artwork. Patsy's Creative Corner will always have my artwork. Thanks for visiting! :)

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