My New Facebook Page

Hello friends! I haven’t written in a while so I thought I would let you know what I’ve been up to. I just made a new Facebook page with the same name as my blog yesterday. I have put many pieces of my art on it for sale. I realize I may just be selling it locally if at all, but if you are on Facebook, drop by and visit! I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you have any suggestions for me for ways I can keep this page interesting enough for people to want to come back to, that would be great.

I am not much of a saleswoman. I have been one of those artists for years who has just dreamed of actually making a meager living at what I do. But mostly I have been learning to draw and paint in multiple mediums, simply, because I love it. It keeps my mind occupied on something productive. It keeps me sane. ;-) It is what I enjoy working at, because it is a challenge. And most of all, I want to bless people. That’s why I would like to paint or draw people’s photos for them as a job. They can be photos of anything, not just portraits. I am always learning, so I don’t consider myself to be a professional, but I figured I needed to start putting myself out there sometime. It might as well be now! “Seize the day” and all that jazz, you know! (I don’t know how to spell the Latin for seize the day.) :)

On that note I just also want to share that this weekend I will be starting the painting of my daughter. I still feel a little nervous about doing a portrait in watercolor, but I hope it turns out okay. I also have retraced my “Dancing Girl” and adjusted some things in that painting so I can do a new one that will be a different size. So I will be pretty busy this weekend.

Make it a great day and weekend! God bless you in all you do. And remember, give someone you love a big hug!!

About whitefeatherfloating

When I began my first blog, Patsy's Creative Corner, I was simply going to share my artwork. However, after being part of the blogging world for quite some time now, I came back into another hobby I have - writing. So Patsy's Creative Corner will still have my artwork and some writing, but I created a new blog called My Crazy Life! in order to simply write my short autobiography and hopefully get some feedback on it as I go. I have always wanted to write about my life, but mostly just about my childhood. This isn't going to be terribly long.

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